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The Turtle Stuff Podcast 1: Starring C. Turtle

| October 4, 2015

Hello, I am C. Turtle. Welcome to the first edition of the Turtle Stuff Podcast!

Aggressive Couch 63: Snakes In A Drain

| January 9, 2014

Ain’t no snakes gonna pop out of this toilet! I’m sure you’re all wondering what to do about this heat wave we had earlier this week. It was over 250 degrees Kelvin! Global Pooling my left foot! Driving Under the Influence: We take a bold stance on this! We were against it. Smurf Roulette: We […]

AGGRESSIVE COUCH 62: Remember When Police Academy Was Good?

| December 27, 2013

ASDF! Holy shit, in this Couch, we had no topics whatsoever so we just winged that mother. Errr, uhhhh, I think we talked about… sausages. Yes. Sausages. And Christmas. Christmas sausages? Actually, we did have topics, but the one about ‘Whatever Happened To… Social Networking?’ didn’t go anywhere, and we never got around to talking […]

Aggressive Couch Number 61: Unprotected Sex

| December 21, 2013

Bring out the hatchet! The Aggressive Couch has returned! Remember the issue with McDonald’s wings? Well, we didn’t cover this topic. Instead we talked about the 10 worst movies of the year. We’ve seen them all, for artistic reasons. So here are our in depth reviews. Dave Gets Hip: Ron tries to teach Dave some […]

And Now, Here’s Phil Donahuey

| December 4, 2013

I cleaned up my house today. It is spotless. Well, technically not spotless. I mean, it looks the same as it did, but there’s slightly less junk everywhere. Anyway, do you know what I found when cleaning the spare bedroom? Sasquatch! And he had a set of Ernie Ball 11’s! So let us sing!

I Remember It… And I CARE

| September 21, 2013

Hey Norr, remember this sound?

Now you can relive those depressing Amiga 500 memories with Cloanto Amiga Forever!

Aggressive Couch 60: The Passion and the Anger

| June 4, 2012

So, we’re back on track, fed, refueled, and rested. That moose we hit is but a distant memory. So we didn’t really have any topics this week. Ron rarely brings any and Dave was just surprised that Ron even showed up. And Marguerette was new to this. As a teaser, we discussed the Whites […]

Hairy Couch Number One is GO!

| May 21, 2012

Big big week up at the Couch this week! We’re launching our bi-annual edition of episode 1 of the “Hairy Couch”, with special guest Harry C. Pharisee! And a big exciting part about 47 minutes in when we pause for him to take a piss. I thought he meant in the bathroom. Fuck You, Dryer: […]

Aggressive Couch 59: Use your CB

| November 7, 2011

CB is the wave of the future. By 1990, face to face communication will be obsolete – Douglas “Dougie” Franklin This week Mad Ron and D.V. delve into the wonderful world of CB radio. CBs are becoming almost as hot as cellular telephones and the “Face Books” and Wham!. Over. Whatcasting?: With the imminent demise […]

Aggressive Couch: Windows 58

| October 17, 2011

The Aggressive Couch boys return with another meticulously researched and frank sexual look at what’s going on in the world of Couch. Where’s the Wi-Fi: Is it wrong to get upset over the lack of Wi-Fi in public restrooms? Gadget Corner: We review the Kielbasa in the Can 5000 Kidney Donor: The recuperation period after […]