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Hairy Couch Number One is GO!

The Horny Motherfucker is not impressed

The Horny Motherfucker is not impressed

Big big week up at the Couch this week! We’re launching our bi-annual edition of episode 1 of the “Hairy Couch”, with special guest Harry C. Pharisee! And a big exciting part about 47 minutes in when we pause for him to take a piss. I thought he meant in the bathroom.

Fuck You, Dryer: Getting revenge on your favorite appliances. Actually, that’s not what we talked about, but this sounds way more interesting.

Good Cancelled Shows: segued into a discussion about bands and music and Satanism is good and bring it into your community. Ok, I spiced that up too.

Flirting with Disaster: Is it wrong to flirt with your co-workers? What about flirting with your girlfriend’s mom? What if SHE flirts with YOUR mom? I’m usually all for three-ways, but… I’m really pushing it. This was just about flirting with your mom.

And! Norr should return soon. I think I can get Skip working again if I go to my dad’s house and flirt with him.

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6 Responses to “Hairy Couch Number One is GO!”

  1. Harry C Pharisee says:

    It no posted.

  2. Harry C Pharisee says:

    Shit no toasted.

  3. Harry C Pharisee says:

    You know how I like peanuts?

  4. Harry C Pharisee says:

    Motherfuckin roasted.

  5. Dave says:

    Hff. Fine. Weird weird weird.

  6. Harry C Pharisee says: