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| July 31, 2014

Driving the back way to MM’s only takes 3 minutes longer than going the main way. I suspect a time warp.

Pam’s Ham

| July 29, 2014

I used masking tape to work on the shielded room controller PC today at work instead of duct tape. Does this make me a hobo?

Put the Why in Aminiphosphate

| July 28, 2014

I am enjoying this pleasant fall-like weather. I still haven’t found out how to make a scarecrow out of raked grass yet.

I’m On The Drug that Killed River Phoenix

| July 26, 2014

Can you identify all 20 one hit wonders? I managed to get 18 out of 20 right. Considering how much I hate popular music, I consider that perfect.

Are Butter Supplies Our Low

| July 25, 2014

I figured out why CST was giving me such wonky results. Apparently, the capacitance of the via was so high that it masked the inductance of the antipad from the T11 response, and the inductance of the antipad was so big that it masked the capacitance of the via from the T22 response! Isn’t that […]

The Beginning of the Rexroth

| July 24, 2014

I have taken up modelling. But the CST box keeps falling off the catwalk!

Die, Batman, Die!

| July 23, 2014

I read that red meat is ten times worse for the environment than chicken, pork, or fish. That’s it! I’m giving up reading.

That’s Not The Canoe!

| July 22, 2014

There is no mini or micro Squishable turtle!

Dog is Gone and Witness

| July 21, 2014

There goes my pledge to try to keep my house from filling up with useless crap.

It Always Comes Back to Asshole Bleaching

| July 20, 2014

Playing Civ II, I was struck with a thought – maybe the world out here actually exists, and video games only exist inside our computers?