The New Aggressive Couch!

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Aggressive Couch 66: Get Yer Kix (on Route 60)

| March 31, 2019

The Couch is back! This week we tackle: Arizona – we’ve both spent some time working in Arizona. We reminisce! Conspiracy theories – who believes that crap? And what are some believable conspiracies? Oak Island – who cares Cars with touch screens I think I deleted the section about the vinyl couch so I can’t […]

Aggressive Sectional 10

| May 2, 2011

We don’t have much of an intro, OK? We were supposed to do a fresh Couch tonight but there was a 2 hour special on the NFL channel. Don’t! Conspiracy: Read that article. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Done? Ok, good. Now listen up as Couch 24 takes a look at fun time conspiracies! When’s […]

Aggressive Couch Episode 24: It’s a Molded Flesh Light!

| April 22, 2010

Look at what we spilled on the couch this week. The stain looks just like a duck! Cutting the Cord recap: 800k people have canceled their pay TV service. We update you. Because we CARE. Internet Issues: The internet is like a really good friend that always ruins the end of movies for you. […]