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Aggressive Couch 99 – Cat Rodeo

| January 30, 2023

This month, Ron gets a cat and Dave gets Covid

Aggressive Couch 88: Rocket 88

| December 9, 2021

Where is the missing November episode?

Today’s Video Comes from “Deathfuur”

| August 21, 2012

With Christmas less than 5 weeks away, I thought I’d share the following Christmas video with you, courtesy of Jeremy.

Aggressive Couch 43: Really?

| January 4, 2011

We begin 2011 with a bang!  Couch 43 is totally going to redefine your concept of the word ‘Couch’.  This is the Couch by which all others will be judged.  It’s astounding!  Amazing!  It’s mediocre! Xmas swag – Why give an adult something they could fucking well buy if they wanted it? 2011 Predication: […]

Aggressive Couch 15: An even more special Christmas show 2

| December 23, 2010

Since Dave’s staring down a 20 year stretch in prison and Norr isn’t like herself this week, we present 2009’s Christmas special.  Think of it as eating leftovers from last year! “The holidays are upon us, my head wound is healing, and it’s time for our gala all nude Christmas special! Christmas shopping memories, […]

Aggressive Couch: 40 oz

| November 8, 2010

Drink your Couch today!

Aggressive Couch Segment 12

| August 22, 2010

With Christmas coming up next week, I thought we’d share our shopping tips.  Shoot for the head! And don’t forget to set your clocks back Friday.

Christmas is only 9 months away!

| August 18, 2010

Here is my wish list for Christmas: Life sized T-Rex – a real steal at only $59,000