The New Aggressive Couch!

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Aggressive Couch 88: Rocket 88

| December 9, 2021

Where is the missing November episode?

Aggressive Couch 87: Rock On

| October 20, 2021

Why does everyone try to be funny?

Aggressive Couch 86: Good For You

| August 29, 2021

This month: I’m tired of trying to be creative!

Aggressive Couch 85: The Guryan

| July 31, 2021

All about Guryan!

Aggressive Couch 84: Lumber

| June 30, 2021

It’s Couch 84! I can’t remember what we talked about (again) so it’s up to you to find out! We really enjoy making these, but since nobody really listens, I’ve decided to upload this with minimal effort. No theme, no editing, no anything. Lazy or what?

Aggressive Couch 83: Hi, I’m Death, Happy to See You!

| March 28, 2021

Death! We fritter about on the stage for a few hours or something and then we croak, or something like that. Some famous guy said it

Aggressive Couch 82: Just Because

| January 30, 2021

So here it is, Couch 82: Just Because Topic one is “If you’re in a hole, stop digging.” Don’t throw good money after bad. Know when to quit. In other words, sometimes you just have to walk away “2021 – Now What?” This topic is sort of self-explanatory Plus a Surprise Movie Review! You’ll never […]

Aggressive Couch 81: What In Tarnation?

| December 21, 2020

Yes, it is the obligatory 2020 CHRISTMAS Couch! This month, Dave fixed Ron’s guitar, Ron has another new cat, and Dave has a new mic (which is sooo sensitive!) We started off discussing Christmas gifts we’d like to give Trump, then our ideas for Christmas movies, and wrapped up with a movie review for Archenemy […]

Aggressive Couch 80: The 80s Are Back!

| November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020 – not everyone we know is dead!

Aggressive Couch 79: The Cat’s Meow

| November 1, 2020

Two all beet patties, lettuce sauce, special cheese, picking onions on a Sesame Street bun!