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Aggressive Couch 75: Killer Looks

| July 8, 2020

This month it’s songs we don’t like to like, online concerts, dead genres, and a review of Killer Looks from 1994

New Al Album

| May 25, 2011

The new Weird Al album is scheduled for June 21st. So, you can barley brush your teeth or comb your hair. Your on the right track.

Feeling dirty with girl pop

| February 22, 2011

What can I say. I heard this damn song once and I liked it. I feel dirty and somewhat weird. But, pop is pop. Plus, it’s damn catchy. Not in the way where you would buy the whole album. But, where the song is alright.

A taste of the couch

| October 22, 2010

Coming up on the couch. Will be chatting about some new music. You can check out this video. This will explain why people have given up on music.