The New Aggressive Couch!

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Before You Fry…

| August 31, 2011

I tried this religious sorter thing. You know, to see what religion I fit best with. Here is what it came up with:

Crumption and Eggs

| August 30, 2011

It’s weird how some things piss you off and some things don’t. Especially with me. Today, I got pissed off because I got called into a meeting that I actually had something to do with. That normally wouldn’t bother me, but there’s been at least one long meeting almost every day for the last two […]

Aggressive Couch 56: We Don’t Have a Title

| August 29, 2011

Couch 56 is GO! This week, we’re once again reduced to using Skip. Deal with it, whitey! Phallusy: Is everything phallic on purpose? Rick Perry: Is he trying to make Dubya look good by comparison? ‘Authentic’ Bullshit: People complain that Taco Bell isn’t ‘authentic’ Mexican food. Okay, we agree – what’s your point? 9/11 ♥ […]

Huckabee Videos

| August 29, 2011


| August 27, 2011

Feels kind of weird dicking around in Wow without having Russ to brag to.

When’s the Trend?

| August 24, 2011

You know, moose-type dude, when it’s too dark to see what you’re doing, it’s probably time to head in. Even if you’re just 2 bolts from finishing installation of the hydraulic clutch into your Camaro.

Expatriot expectorate

| August 23, 2011

If you get a “Check Engine” light, check to make sure your gas cap is on tight.

El No Couch

| August 22, 2011

No Couch this week, we suppose. So “enjoy” this old Couch we found under the dust bunnies!

Vacuum Assist My Ass

| August 21, 2011

Posting has been light because we’ve been dead, but it should be back to normal due to some Hatian magick and the fact that I finally got the MOTHERFUCKING VACUUM ASSIST UNIT back into the Camaro AFTER CUTTING THE BOLTS TO LENGTH AAND DRILLING OUT THE MOUNTING HOLES. And this isn’t a new unit – […]

One more to the DTM List

| August 17, 2011

The next business that I order from online that requires a signature in person upon delivery without notifying me first gets wood glue rubbed into their armpits. I’M NOT ABOVE MAKING IDLE THREATS!