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October 2020

Aggressive Couch 78: Is It a Dream!

Posted By on September 29, 2020

So, this month, we double down on creating yet another below average podcast!

This episode guest stars some birds (Dave had his window open), Dave’s cat, and probably Ron’s dog but maybe I edited that section out

Dreams – some people just don’t know how to talk about dreams. Dreams are absurd and surrealist and fun. Tell us about them! But don’t get too bogged down in the details or we will check out

Too Late – We both got into the Smithereens recently. Pat Dinizio, the singer, died a few years ago, so we’ll never get to see him perform with them. We discuss other things we were too late for, like hearing about a movie after it just left theaters, etc

Movie review: Bill and Ted Can’t Stop Face the Music

And after we ended the first time, we did a little digression about the Orange Cheeto in Chief, so I added it in


Aggressive Couch 77: Mayonnaise on EVERYTHING

Posted By on August 17, 2020

Mmmmmm! Mayo!

This month is all about the Blues Brothers!

The Blues Brothers turns 40 this year, and since we’re also in our forties, we decided to do a full episode on it

Every professional reviewer worth their salt will have something to say about this film. What could we add? Surprisingly little, but we still managed to talk about it for a f***ing hour

We discussed how our dads are stratigraphically bonded to this film, how well it has held up, how dying young saves people from criticism, how great the music is, how terrible most of the games based on it are, and a few other things I can’t remember

We also touched on mayonnaise obsession, Ron’s new significantly better podcast (The DNR Podcast!), and… uh… something else? New hobbies? I think I cut that section

Aggressive Couch 76: Divine Lift Society

Posted By on July 23, 2020

Vroom vroom!

Couch 76 has landed! We managed 2 this month! Consider it a bonus episode. It’s a little short after I cut over 30 minutes of me pointlessly rambling about money, taxes, AirBnB’s, etc. This is what happens when Ron doesn’t have any topics!

Anyway, we cover AirBnB’s again, sports teams changing their names, and “Are We Turning Into our Parents?”

Also, Ron covers Stick, a decent Burt Reynolds movie from his “I can do more than just comedy!” period

All in all, another mediocre episode

Aggressive Couch 75: Killer Looks

Posted By on July 8, 2020

Couch 75 is here!

Songs That You Like That You Don’t Want to Admit That You Like: Ron and Dave share some of their favorites – some are guilty pleasures, some ‘politically incorrect’, and some are songs that should be good but dammit, they just aren’t!

Online Concerts: Is there a point? Is this the future? Dave brings the musician’s perspective and Ron brings the comedian’s

Dead Genre: Most genres never die, they just go out of fashion for a while. But some don’t come back. Prime Time Variety TV, for instance. Why did it never come back? Plus, a deeper discussion of other dead genres

Finally, a review of Killer Looks (1994), a borderline softcore porno. 5.6 review on IMDB! See what Ron and his wife think about it. Is it an underrated gem?

Aggressive Couch 74: Time Baum

Posted By on May 11, 2020

Image shamelessly stolen from The Truth About Cars

The Seventies are BACK! And it’s all our doing!

This week we tackle:

Armed Protestors – do they have daddy issues or mommy issues?

Trump Wins! What country are we moving to?

Mispronounced words – you clod!

News break! Dave turned off the news for almost a week and enjoyed it

We also played ‘when did you drive a car last?’ and ‘what obscure TV cooking show from the 1980’s is Dave watching this week?’

Well, my 3d printed facemask hooks should be done. Gotta run!

Aggressive Couch 73: Don Mattingly Scores!

Posted By on April 27, 2020





Not really.


Aggressive Couch 73! In this episode, we discuss White Elephants, Zoom Anxiety, and Meltdowns!

Well, I summed that up pretty quick.

This is a quick one. Only 55 minutes or so, because somebody only brought one topic. Apparently their dog ate the other topic?

So sit back, stop playing this, and go do something enjoyable with your time!


Aggressive Couch 72: Christmas in April

Posted By on April 13, 2020

It’s Christmas here in these parts, doncha know? We celebrate Christmas all year long ’round these parts. Christmas is always in our hearts. In other words, our Christmas episode is 4 months late. Oops!

Not much Yuleing in our Christmas episode, though. So what did we fill the void with?

Virtual Nascar! Better Podcasts than This One! What Will You Do when Society Falls! Do you Know Your Neighbors!

Also, Walter Lure, Cult Movies, and National Lampoon!

Aggressive Couch 71: Thanksgiving Sort Of Sucks

Posted By on November 22, 2019

This month, the sound quality takes another dive down the shitter. I’m not blaming anyone but it’s not our fault! Also, we dropped carrier twice during the conversation. Ah! A modern modem reference!

This month, we take a look at the major holiday nobody really cares about, Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, friends, all non-religious holidays (and most of the traditions on the religious ones) are total BS. Made up excuses for retail price gouging and shopping riots. Lame parades and boring food. Relatives who don’t care if you live or die and excessive alcohol. Ain’t it great! So stop grousing and go enjoy yourselves, you dumb shits! (But everyone else still secretly hates you).

This month, we take a look at sex by mail, shopping riots, pizza toppings, the Ramones, why are stores open on Thanksgiving?, there’s better deals in December than on Black Friday, and “Thanks Cogan”, whatever that means. My handwriting sucks.

Aggressive Couch 70: Halloween!

Posted By on October 24, 2019

This month we take the easy route and do Halloween! Yes, next month we’re doing Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. What the f*** are we going to do next year after the holidays? In fact, what are we going to do NEXT October?

Anyway, this month, we’re all about traditions. Now that Halloween has turned into just another bs retail holiday, how do we celebrate it these days? What traditions do we do? Why do we keep talking about our family members by name as if anyone out there listening knows who Gavin is and why he lives with Ron? Or have we just given in and accepted that there’s nobody out there listening?

Highlights – our Halloween costumes (Dave forgot one – he went as a dog one year), hayrides and corn mazes, apple festivals, haunted houses, our favorite candy, the least popular candies, and the biggest Halloween topic, Gallagher

Aggressive Couch 69: Football Fantastic!

Posted By on September 21, 2019

It’s football season at last! This episode, Dave plays the person who does not enjoy football, while Ron tries to convince him that it is the greatest sport, ever. Well, that was the plan. Turns out Ron is really only a casual fan and Dave still doesn’t give two shits who wins the Super Bowl.

Anyway, we also discuss why you should never get your kids involved with sports, how to win at fantasy football, cheerleader camps, and how to make football safer (is it too late for gene splicing?) Hey, look, football!