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Ersatz Aggressive Couch #65: The Suck

| February 27, 2019

We recorded an episode early this month but Dave had the “suck” knob turned all the way up on Norr’s mic. So we recorded a replacement! We covered many of the same topics and went way off the rails as usual. This month, we introduce our new sponsor, Uncle Savage’s House of Broken Videotapes! Get […]

Aggressive Couch Number 61: Unprotected Sex

| December 21, 2013

Bring out the hatchet! The Aggressive Couch has returned! Remember the issue with McDonald’s wings? Well, we didn’t cover this topic. Instead we talked about the 10 worst movies of the year. We’ve seen them all, for artistic reasons. So here are our in depth reviews. Dave Gets Hip: Ron tries to teach Dave some […]