The New Aggressive Couch!

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Aggressive Couch Episode 18: Ball Sack Lunch

| January 30, 2010

Was blackface ever really socially acceptable? In this episode, our heroes trash the new Apple IMaxiPad; Act Naturally: is George Clooney a good actor? He mostly plays himself; we are not being microwaved to death and people who think we are are clearly wrong; Stealing from Thieves; Super Bowl Party Tips!; Country Sucks (Again); The […]

Couchless Morons

| January 24, 2010

There is no episode this week. Tune in next week for… uhm… uhh… and a whole lot more!

Aggressive Couch Episode 17: Surrounded by Assholes

| January 17, 2010

The Surrounded by Assholes edition! This week on the Couch: Embarrassing Situations – when mistakes become problems. Internet Comments – who cares what those assholes think? Basing your whole life on pop culture – i.e., assholes dressing like movie characters in your daily life. Concerts – who have we seen? Masturbating in public – Over […]

Aggressive Couch Episode 16: The Idiot Box Loves the Boob Tube

| January 10, 2010

Sadly, it’s come to this – the TV episode. We call it… “The Idiot Box Loves the Boob Tube”. We discuss the “end” of network TV, how “low-cost” leads to “low-ratings”, is the “internet” “better?”, crossovers “between” existing shows, favorite old “shows” (K.I.D.S. Inc.), “Why the fuck did you cancel that?” and “Ok, you canceled […]