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Eucharist of Dingerwall

| June 30, 2015

I don’t give a damn what anyone says – I installed Simbeor today and I’ve already got it running!

Hambuster Dinklefwat

| June 29, 2015

Today’s cereal wasn’t that good. Tasted like Weetabix. I should have known – it was covered in ‘serving suggestions’ for things like fruit, nuts, and fifteen whole cups of sugar.

Harmbusket Adam’s Apple

| June 28, 2015

Nothing left at the ol’ trailer but memories, some centrifuges, and a pile of enriched uranium. And some Camaro parts.

The People Inside Your Walls

| June 26, 2015

Maybe Obama’s reputation will turn around now that his signature pieces of legislation have been ruled A-OK by the Supremes. I think he should top of his career by starting an REM tribute band.

Swiss Navy Knife

| June 25, 2015

I dropped off the other lab guy at the airport today. He is driving a rental car down to a retirement village to look at a home. When he retires, I get his job. And a lot more money. I tried to not let the car door hit him in the ass.

Wwaabbi Holes

| June 24, 2015

I found a huge suppository of Cookin’ Cheap episodes! Barely watchable, but still. It’s a cooking show. Like you need to see what they’re doing.

Wabbit Holes. Warm Wabbit Holes.

| June 22, 2015

I read that the former White House chef had died. I thought it said White House Chief. Like, the former Chief of Staff had died? I bet the tinfoil hat types are having a field day with it anyway.

The Age of Raisin (sorry)

| June 19, 2015

“He is then introduced into the Garden of Eden, in the shape of a snake or a serpent, and in that shape he enters into familiar conversation with Eve, who is no way surprised to hear a snake talk; and the issue of this tête-à-tête is that he persuades her to eat an apple, and […]

Up In The Morning

| June 18, 2015

I was going to stretch this out into two separate posts but I’ll include them both here for you today, as I found something else to post tomorrow (hint: it’s from Glenn Beckk’s favorite author!) 20 Great Bands with Outrageous Names! And, here’s number something or other from that list – Elvis Hitler live in […]

Fixed For Dinner, Yo!

| June 17, 2015

I think I will start a cooking show. Today’s recipe: dry cereal from the box. While watching You Tube.