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Bow to it!

| December 18, 2012

It is back. The McRib and you know you have asked for it. Modeled your life after it. Cleaned up cars because you vomit them up. For some reason people love this shit. The sandwich has loyal customers that follow it. I can say ” I have never had a McRib.”. Does this make me […]

Aggressive Sectional 4

| March 15, 2011

It’s late and I’m tired, so I’m going to keep this short. If you don’t like it ask for a refund! This week on the Aggressive Sectional: Fun with Microbes on Slow News Days: From AC 12 Daylight Savings Time: From AC21 Answered! Life’s 25 Greatest Questions: From AC 28 And finally, Do You […]

National Food Shoving Day

| November 23, 2010

Since National Food Shoving Day is on Thursday. Here is something to get the party started.

Aggressive Couch Episode 3: Diet Soda Sucks

| August 25, 2009

This episode we discuss. “Regular Soda vs. Diet”.   “Underrated and Unappreciated: Gallagher Edition”. “Do you like to try new foods/Brand name vs off brand”.  “Who plays us in a movie?”.   Review of the new Pearl Jam song ” the Fixer” and releasing specific content to stores. Plus, many other important issue’s. Sit down on the […]