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Shit With the Collar Popped Up

| December 31, 2013

Did you know that there was one of these in York? Today’s kids are just depraved that they will never have something so cool in their lives.

Japanese Commercial Reel

| December 30, 2013

Got Any Jokes

| December 30, 2013

I don’t think the band is practicing this week. Just as well since I didn’t really want to make the reindeer go home just yet. Venison days are just beginning! ALL SEATS FIFTY CENTS!!! Be sure to attend the Dildo Drop tomorrow evening.


| December 29, 2013

You can now play minecraft on Playstation. Fuck.!

AGGRESSIVE COUCH 62: Remember When Police Academy Was Good?

| December 27, 2013

ASDF! Holy shit, in this Couch, we had no topics whatsoever so we just winged that mother. Errr, uhhhh, I think we talked about… sausages. Yes. Sausages. And Christmas. Christmas sausages? Actually, we did have topics, but the one about ‘Whatever Happened To… Social Networking?’ didn’t go anywhere, and we never got around to talking […]

Mustard Fasting Day

| December 26, 2013

Mustard Fasting Day is near and has defeated Christmas Tree.


| December 25, 2013

Ad Revenue

| December 24, 2013

With the impending Mustard Day of Fasting approaching. Take the time to lick the salt from your fingers. While thanking the lovely makers of Uncle Smokey’s Lucky Cigarette Co. For contributing to the buttery goodness of Ham Salads. Uncle Smokey’s Lucky Cigarette Co. is our first advertiser. Please buy their products. From Urinal Cakes to […]

Kill It, Then Mate With It

| December 24, 2013 This story is horrible! How can we celebrate Christmas knowing that this just happened! That’s it – I’m cancelling the holiday. This has nothing to do with the fact that I’ve received all my presents already but have yet to give any. Just talk quietly amongst yourselves while I get some sleep.

I Know! I Know! They Are Totally Fabulous

| December 23, 2013

Dumbest Christmas Albums. I take issue to including Ron Ru Paul’s “Ho! Ho! Ho!” on this list. It largely succeeds as what it was meant to be – intentionally cheesy and dumb. It’s sort of like calling Hitler a failure for starting World War II when that is exactly what he wanted to do. Wait. […]