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Supper Bowl?

| January 31, 2015

So the Super Bowl is tomorrow, right? Time for me to post the boring story of how little a shit I give about football! I’m not looking for pity, but I need to throw this out there. It sucks being the guy who’s not into football. Nobody in their right mind would intentionally choose to […]

Football Fox Predictions for 2013!

| January 1, 2015

Football Fox here. And here are my fearless predictions for the season of “foots balls”. Grouse are proving tastier than robins this year, so that means the Patriots will be eliminated in the early playoffs. That stupid farmer almost caught me in that damn trap again. I interpret this to mean the Cowboys will be […]

Football Fox… ?

| January 31, 2014

Has Football Fox turned into Squeeky Ball Fox? I keep asking him who will win but all I hear is squeeking. Now I know why. Pics from my trip to “The Slag Heap” are coming!

Football Fox Predicts!

| January 18, 2014

Hello, I am Football Fox. I am here to predict the winner of the World Series of Football, the Superbowl! I am not afraid of making bold predictions at a time like this, so here goes: The Baltimore Ravens will make it three for three this year! They will beat the Miami Penguins, the Chicago […]

Football Fox Predicts!

| October 17, 2013

Hello, I am a picture of Football Fox. I am here to bring you my fearless 100% guaranteed predictions for this year’s football season! Rumors are swirling that a famous quarterback has just tested positive for fleas. Football games will mostly be played outside this season. Fans will go berserk when the entire New England […]

Football Fox… Predicts!

| September 9, 2012