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Chequéred Phlagg

| January 31, 2013


Whoever Does That With Dumpsters?

| January 30, 2013

Just got back from having Spike aligned. And walking. In a downpour. At least the garage wasn’t playing the Spider News Network again.

Is It Really?

| January 28, 2013

Hey kids! Now you too can “be” friends with Al! Interview with Weird Al

Feel the Relief Pitcher

| January 27, 2013

I need a new hobby. I think I’ll take up smoking.

Hairy Schottz

| January 26, 2013

Any idea what my collection of Pogs is worth?

Lego Racism

| January 25, 2013

Muslim turks are upset over Jabba the Hut Lego’s. I really could care less. Now let’s enjoy some Blazing Saddles.

Whoever Does That With Hamsters?

| January 23, 2013

Left 1/2 day early from work. Feeling like if I took a nap, I’d feel better tomorrow. Seems to be working. After spending about 4 hours in bed I feel almost like taking on the world, sort of. Taking on as in going to work normally.

Hide the Frog

| January 22, 2013

Still not quite sick. Just a little “off”. I think I will be sick by the weekend though.


| January 21, 2013


Do You Believe in Love After Love of Robots?

| January 20, 2013

I ordered new control arms from Rocky Auto. Can you believe I forgot the sway bar end links?