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What Goes In The Ground Comes In The Ground

| March 30, 2012

So, I go race tomorrow. Yay. And here is a link to a twin engined 2500 HP Oldsmobile. And, I think this is the last one:

Ablum Ablum Ablum

| March 29, 2012

I took a break from mixing Sparkling DeGrapevine for a week or so. I’ll be working on Pavement’s new album after it comes out so I decided to stab one of them. Then I decided to just set it up and do a rough mix and see how I liked it. Need to record some […]

Put It In Her Gear

| March 28, 2012

Hey, if somebody has one of my Red Green DVDs, you can keep it as long as you want. Just give it back when you are done. Unless you’ve used it for immoral purposes. Also, this album is good. I found it etc etc etc. I didn’t know I had it.

15 hours ago near Dallas, TX

| March 27, 2012

For an imaginary friend. Your really pushy. –Cross-posted from Facebook using Davelink!

I Love Him, I Love Him, I Love Him…

| March 26, 2012

…and when he cums I’ll swallow! I’ll swallow! I’ll Swallow! — Nip Drivers, Nips Get Pissed I found this CD the other day when I dug out the Action Swingers CD. (Actually, this is just the ep that leads off the cd but the cover was better. Plus I have this on Betamax!) Anyway, I […]

Let’s Start The Bidding at Fifty Cents

| March 25, 2012

I went to a Mensa party last night. We sat around complaining about things and making rude jokes about Christians, Republicans, eggplants, and “Boogie Fever”. Not really. It was actually fun. Helped by the fact that I too my sister along, and she works with the party hostess and some junior lab tech guy that […]

Tire Irons in the Fire

| March 23, 2012

I have too many tire irons in the fire. I need to pull a few out and whack the smuffins with them. In other news, I found in a box, in a box, in a box.

Can’t Stop Licking

| March 22, 2012

When is PC gaming better than console gaming? When there are mods like this.

The Entire Gastro-Intestinal History of the Salesperson’s Dog

| March 20, 2012

I’m on a roll here! Seriously. It has sesame seeds and stuff on it. That’s the last time I let the dog cook. But I don’t have a dog?

I Wasn’t Aware of That!

| March 19, 2012

In the last 23 hours, I got 8 emails on my “G Mail” account and 43 spam messages. It may be time to change the ol’ email.