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Aggressive Couch Episode 24: It’s a Molded Flesh Light!

| April 22, 2010

Look at what we spilled on the couch this week. The stain looks just like a duck! Cutting the Cord recap: 800k people have canceled their pay TV service. We update you. Because we CARE. Internet Issues: The internet is like a really good friend that always ruins the end of movies for you. […]

Aggressive Couch Episode 23: Where Are The White Women At!

| April 11, 2010

In once again yet another Aggressive Couch, we sound like two bickering old women living in a tumble drier. The highlight of the episode is when we double-team ‘Orange’ by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. And then we tea-bag it. Here is the uncreative list of all the other topics we cover: why do […]