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Review: Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom

| July 4, 2018

This is one fantastic movie. It tells the heart warming story of dinosaurs fighting to save the lives of a wily band of humans from a vengeful volcano. A definite must see!

Benji – C.R.A.C.K. U.S.A.

| February 16, 2018

Now this is my idea of a Benji movie. Little-loved when it was released back in the 80’s, this film is non-stop action. Granted, it’s kind of in the ‘so bad it’s good’ camp. Total camp. And yes, the ‘idiot cop’ gets bitten in the nuts – twice! Once by Benji, and once by the […]

The Year in Movie Reviews

| January 1, 2018

I didn’t watch any movies this year so I’ll review some You Tube channels. Great Scott!: I kind of resent this channel for being so popular Big Clive: He is really tall! Classic Game Room: I have a TI-99 +4A too The Shadow’s Nose: I never knew Germans don’t have root beer Randy Shartiger: Great […]

Reviews of Horror Movies I Haven’t Seen

| December 28, 2017

The Shining: Really well respected. I haven’t seen it, but I did see the Simpsons parody. Does this still count as unseen? Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The theme song is okay, but the Dickies have done so much better. I don’t wanna watch this movie. Clowns don’t scare me, and I suspect that people […]

Movies I Haven’t Seen 3: Christmas 2

| December 23, 2017

Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny: So bad it’s good or so bad it’s bad? I usually don’t like things like this The Ref: Norr says it’s great. Our tastes overlap a lot Ernest Saves Christmas: I like Ernest in small doses. VERY small doses. No way am I sitting through a feature length […]

More Christmas Movies That I Haven’t Seen Reviews

| December 21, 2017

Elf: I generally don’t like this sort of asinine humor. The guy who stars in it just doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t remember his name. Nightmare Before Christmas: My sister liked it. It has ‘cult film’ written all over it. Cooper’s Christmas: Peter Keleghan is in this. I like Peter Keleghan! Die Hard: […]

Reviews of Movies I Haven’t Seen

| December 17, 2017

The Last Jedi: I hear it’s pretty good. Which is a colossal let down for what was supposed to be THE movie of the year Dad Takes a Fishing Trip: I can only assume that this is Joe Gage doing what Joe Gage does best – gay porn films with barely comprehensible plots The Eternal […]

Firebrand McNuggins

| October 18, 2016

Somebody messaged the bass player of my old band on Facebook. It showed up on our old band’s page, which I still get updates from, for some reason. Anyway, they were asking how it was going, and if they were still looking for a female singer. The bass player hinted that maybe they were. Well, […]

Bob Eats Pies!

| December 3, 2015 “The ones where it’s like soggy oatmeal cookies pressed together with the foam in the middle,” he explains.

Cookin’ To Go

| July 23, 2015

I listened to The Weirdness by the Stooges again today. I liked it when it came out, and I like it now. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t really expecting anything from it (thereby giving it a fair chance) or maybe it’s because their earlier albums really aren’t that great, either. The first album has NOT […]