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Aggressive Couch 88: Rocket 88

| December 9, 2021

Where is the missing November episode?

Aggressive Couch 71: Thanksgiving Sort Of Sucks

| November 22, 2019

This month, the sound quality takes another dive down the shitter. I’m not blaming anyone but it’s not our fault! Also, we dropped carrier twice during the conversation. Ah! A modern modem reference! This month, we take a look at the major holiday nobody really cares about, Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, friends, all non-religious holidays […]

Aggressive Couch 42: This Will Get Done

| November 24, 2010

It’s Turkey day! Get out your fez and get the taser(c)! This album doesn’t suck, but it can’t leave soon enough. Companies are selling College athletes when you see that the thing you really can go to the mall in blackface.

A Taste of the Couch Part II

| November 22, 2010

There was going to be a new Couch today but someone had to cancel due to their emu having a toothache.  So to get you in the mood for what would have been in the cushions of the Couch this week: New Couch to follow ASAP.

Aggressive Couch Episode 11: Bob’s Bear Barn

| November 10, 2009

There was a big bumper crop of bears this year, so if you want bears, just, you know, go round some up. Does Bob Mould go to Boyd’s Bear Barn? I don’t want to know. This week, we tackle yet more insensitive topics of no real importance. We double team Ramones Mania, complain about stupid […]