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Fried Brian

| November 30, 2011

I can’t think of anything to post today, so here is a list of fictional cats. Enjoy!

Cyberpunk Monday

| November 28, 2011

Get out the Amiga and plagiarize Henry Gibson! It’s Cyberpunk Monday! And we can’t be more excited. I don’t think there’s going to be a Couch tonite. Maybe. Keepin’ ’em peeled.

Fish for Dinner Last Night

| November 27, 2011

Anybody caught putting on spark plug wires without using a shitload of dielectric grease should be shot on sight.

Black Death Friday

| November 26, 2011

What a great start to the holiday season! Violence was up over 3% compared to last year. Let’s see the breakdown in stats: +2.02% tramplings +1.7% ‘last item’ tug of war +3.1% pepper spraying +1.375¼% guitars smashed over heads (due to the El Kabong remake rumors?) +0.5% Assault with a friendly weapon The only downside […]

History is made!

| November 25, 2011

I never thought would come to this. But, Crow 2 has been surpassed as the worst movie. The new title holder belongs to ” Fast Five”. I know what your thinking. ” How is this possible?”. I will give it credit. The first 10 minutes started out alright. But, the rest is just a example […]

Aggressive Black Friday Offer

| November 25, 2011

Today and this weekend only, apply for your free Aggressive Fisting lessons from the great master of fisting, Harry C. Pharisee. Maybe I shouldn’t make fun of ol’ Harry though. He is our biggest fan.

Asking Apelee: Thanksgiving

| November 24, 2011

Dear Apelee, I was asked to get a Turkey for Thanksgiving. But, I bought a chicken instead. Will anyone notice? Thanks, Hillmonger Hillmonger, I am sure no one will notice you idiot. Apelee

Machine Gun Nanny

| November 21, 2011

First day at my new job. Seems about the same.

Gugger Orange

| November 19, 2011

I hooked my phone up to my Regal’s car stereo today! It was constructed modularly – you know, the CD player and the tape player were separate, self contained units. So I cut wires 5 and 7 and soldered on a 1/8″ cable with a plug on the end. The cable just dangles limply at […]

Ramblings from Ted Unger

| November 18, 2011

I spilled my soup