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Aggressive Couch 70: Halloween!

| October 24, 2019

This month we take the easy route and do Halloween! Yes, next month we’re doing Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. What the f*** are we going to do next year after the holidays? In fact, what are we going to do NEXT October? Anyway, this month, we’re all about traditions. Now that Halloween has turned into […]

Your welcome Internet

| December 28, 2012

Bow to it!

| December 18, 2012

It is back. The McRib and you know you have asked for it. Modeled your life after it. Cleaned up cars because you vomit them up. For some reason people love this shit. The sandwich has loyal customers that follow it. I can say ” I have never had a McRib.”. Does this make me […]

Aggressive Couch 42: This Will Get Done

| November 24, 2010

It’s Turkey day! Get out your fez and get the taser(c)! This album doesn’t suck, but it can’t leave soon enough. Companies are selling College athletes when you see that the thing you really can go to the mall in blackface.

The McRib is back. Ready for a car cleaning?

| November 1, 2010

So, it had to happen. The McRib is back with a vengeance. Determined not to go into hiding. McDonalds, intends on destroying stomach’s and car interiors. ” We won’t be happy till there is vomit everywhere!” exclaimed Harry Larry manager of a Wal Mart McDonalds 4,253. The McRib has a cult following for it. Falling […]