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A Very Bagel Sunday, Part 3

| November 26, 2014

And now, the thrilling conclusion of A Very Bagel Sunday. Read Part 1! And Part 2! Scene 8 – The Chase Scene Al and Charley’s car. Somewhere on the road to Bagel, Texas. Al: We did it! Charley: Wait, I see headlights behind us. Al (looking back): It’s Chief Boyardee and the Campbell’s Soup Kids! […]

A Very Bagel Sunday, Part 2

| November 25, 2014

Read part 1 here! Scene 5 – The Prom. Everyone is heading there. Ronald McDonald and Grimace are already inside. The police are ready for anything. Grimace: Ronald, you didn’t have to beat those little kids to death. Ronald: When you let the air out of the balls, that’s it! Grimace: But that little girl […]

A Very Bagel Sunday, Part 1

| November 24, 2014

Al Capone and Charley Luciani want to take over the bagel market, but aren’t sure of their butter resources. Bob Lender is in their way and always stops them. Scene 1 – Al and Charley’s hideout in Bagel, Texas. They are discussing their plans to take over the bagel market Al (to Charley): I can’t […]

A Very…

| November 23, 2014

I found it! Over the next 3 days, I will be cerealizing the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD. He was a rebel, an olympic baker, and served as a breakfast chef in the US Army before making his fortune. His name was Bob Lender, a true American Bagel Hero.

Goat Simulator

| November 22, 2014

$10 for 6 hours of gameplay? Oh my god yes! GOAT SIMULATOR. Now with Goat MMO Simulator!

Older Than the Sex Machine

| November 20, 2014

I’m not going to link to it, because fuck Rolling Stone, but there’s a new Faith No More single that you can listen to via streaming! It is called Motherfucker. It’s pretty good. It’s not quite “Land of Sunshine” but it will do. Really, would you prefer them touring state fairs and opening supermarkets? “Get […]

Topiaca Pudding

| November 19, 2014

Do you realize that the fax machine is older than record companies? And they are both equally obsolete?

Guest Post from Turtle

| November 18, 2014

I am C Turtle. I have more friends on face Book than you do. ha ha ha ha ha

Smurf Windsor

| November 17, 2014

We haven’t Couched since January. Do you realized that all the pregnancies caused by our last podcast have since gone full term?

Let the Boys Hit the Flour

| November 16, 2014