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Couch Imminent

| January 31, 2011

Couch number 45 will be present for your very sexual listening pleasure soon.  No, soon.

Come on, Russian Robots!

| January 30, 2011

We had 287 human visitors this month, 283 of them from America.  11% of all hits came from Canada, and all of them were bots.  Only 2% of hits came from Russia, all of them bots.  So come on, Russia!  Get yer bots in gear!  You can retake the number 1 spot if you only […]

Cancer Scares

| January 29, 2011

This link looks at 7 strange cancer claims.  What I find funniest is that I know a woman who avoids artificial sweeteners because she thinks there’s a cancer link, but she smokes cigarettes.


| January 28, 2011

I decided to put a P90 single coil into the Musicmaster instead of a humbucker after I discovered I’d routed a hole for a P90 by mistake.  Whoops!

Why not

| January 28, 2011

Strangely Personal

| January 26, 2011

You may not know this, but I’m addicted to self improvement.  Yes, I consider myself the ‘Winston Rothschild’ of punk rock.  I am not living up to my full potential and I want more out of life.  I want more from myself. About 11 years ago, I got completely fed up with how my life […]

Fashionable Felt Hat

| January 25, 2011

I found my hat, Justin!  It fell under the drums! And why aren’t my titles showing up?

Taco food shoving

| January 25, 2011

A lawasuit has been filed against Taco Bell. For questionable meat used in their food. What is great about all of this. Is how the USDA determines what beef is “flesh of animals”. Sounds like a great title to a horror movie. For starters if your caring for high quality food. Why would you be […]

Aggressive Couch 44: Yes….

| January 25, 2011

Well, that was easy!  We are back with another podcast!  This week: Facebook Mistakes: Have you friended anyone and regretted it? Have you posted something and had to apologize? Why did you friend the Energizer Bunny anyway? Super Cool Tough Guys: What makes a man tough? Is a football player wimping out when he […]

JC Penney to Get Out of the Catalog Business

| January 24, 2011

Now maybe they’ll take me off their mailing list? I swear, I’d probably shop there from time to time if I weren’t being constantly bombarded with email harassment.