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Fit to Wrap Fish In

| June 21, 2014

Another Mouldy interview!

Aggressive Couch 54: Pro-Bono

| July 6, 2011

Come on down to the 54, find a spot on the floor, NOW FREAK! Outsider Criticism: Isn’t it annoying when people can’t be bothered to actually come up with an original criticism of something? “Oh Nascar just turns to the left!” It’s obvious the person doesn’t have enough experience with the topic to make valid […]

Aggressive Couch Episode 20: Winter Can Eat It!

| March 6, 2010

This week, we debut our new cult religion, based on Michael Stipe! REM are clairvoyants; listen to the lyrics of ‘It’s The End Of the World as We Know It’. It starts with Earthquakes! And 2012 is just around the corner! Bob Mould has allegedly signed on to play the role of Jesus. Furthermore, we […]

Aggressive Couch Episode 11: Bob’s Bear Barn

| November 10, 2009

There was a big bumper crop of bears this year, so if you want bears, just, you know, go round some up. Does Bob Mould go to Boyd’s Bear Barn? I don’t want to know. This week, we tackle yet more insensitive topics of no real importance. We double team Ramones Mania, complain about stupid […]