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Aggressive Couch 87: Rock On

| October 20, 2021

Why does everyone try to be funny?

Ronald’s going to be pissed

| March 28, 2013

I have been talking a lot of Fast Food recently. But, how can you not. The Ronald worried about Subway. Home of the four tomatoes. You know he still is fuming over the discontinuation of Styrofoam. Click the pic for the article:

Throat Shoving

| March 20, 2013

The next time you are at McDonald’s and want something a little different. You can order the Monster Mac from the secret menu. Can we just live our lives? Then dealing with another menu. Apparently, most of fast food restaurants have a secret menu. I just find it annoying. So, the next time your at […]

You sicken me

| July 27, 2011

McDonald’s, has announced they are changing the happy meal. They are putting in half the portion for the fries. Or, you can have the apples without caramel sauce. McDonald’s should be ashamed of themselves. Caving to wimpy parents and healthy consumer groups. Their claim is centered on obesity. Parents, are the worst offenders. You should […]

The McRib is back. Ready for a car cleaning?

| November 1, 2010

So, it had to happen. The McRib is back with a vengeance. Determined not to go into hiding. McDonalds, intends on destroying stomach’s and car interiors. ” We won’t be happy till there is vomit everywhere!” exclaimed Harry Larry manager of a Wal Mart McDonalds 4,253. The McRib has a cult following for it. Falling […]

Aggressive Couch 31: You Wanted It, Now Eat It!

| July 18, 2010

Wii Fisting