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| July 1, 2013

And! It’s Back! Back! Back, I tell you! The Camaro is back in the garage! I’m going back out there in a few minutes to start jacking it up so I can swap transmissions all over for the second time for the first time again!

Hood. Camaro. Hilarity ensues.

| February 27, 2011

I put a black hood on my white Camaro. It doesn’t look too bad in the picture, but wait until you see it in person! Actually, it looks kinda cool, in a ‘I’m Too Cool to Paint My Fiberglass Hood’ sort of way. I’ve even seen guys paint their stock steel hoods flat black to […]

5 Speeds

| January 20, 2011

I’ve been debating putting the 5 speed out of my Trans Am into my Camaro as soon as I get my garage built next spring. This would make the Camaro faster, but it would be in a more challenging class.  Never mind that I like the Trans Am too much to ditch it, so I’d […]