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Aggressive Couch 59: Use your CB

CB is the wave of the future. By 1990, face to face communication will be obsolete – Douglas “Dougie” Franklin

This week Mad Ron and D.V. delve into the wonderful world of CB radio. CBs are becoming almost as hot as cellular telephones and the “Face Books” and Wham!. Over.

Whatcasting?: With the imminent demise of the iPod, how much longer will we be calling it podcasting? What other things are named after obsolete terms? Over.

The Waiting: Waiting for news is the worst. Waiting on bad news is worse than the bad news itself, but waiting for good news is no picnic. Over.
Disasters Cleverly Disguised as Catastrophes: Ever have something bad happen that turned out to be good? Or turned out to be far worse? I’m sick of this CB gag.

Until Proven Otherwise: Do you like hearing from old friends? We do, but only if it’s good news. That way I get to assume everyone lived happily ever after.

And stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of the water tower story! our big gala Thanksgiving the Finger episode! Not next week, possibly the one after, but definitely before next December. As in December 2012. Don’t get your hopes up, is what I’m saying.

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