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Aggressive Couch 70: Halloween!

| October 24, 2019

This month we take the easy route and do Halloween! Yes, next month we’re doing Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. What the f*** are we going to do next year after the holidays? In fact, what are we going to do NEXT October? Anyway, this month, we’re all about traditions. Now that Halloween has turned into […]

Aggressive Couch Episode 3: Diet Soda Sucks

| August 25, 2009

This episode we discuss. “Regular Soda vs. Diet”.   “Underrated and Unappreciated: Gallagher Edition”. “Do you like to try new foods/Brand name vs off brand”.  “Who plays us in a movie?”.   Review of the new Pearl Jam song ” the Fixer” and releasing specific content to stores. Plus, many other important issue’s. Sit down on the […]