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Enjoying Fox News?

| September 1, 2011

Last Sunday, my power was out, so I went over to my dad’s house since his power was on. Unfortunately, he had the TV on, and he was watching Fox News! Anyway, I have to admit it was actually pretty entertaining. No, really! It was kind of interesting. I couldn’t really understand what they were […]

Prehistoric Cemetery Reveals Man and Fox Were Pals

| February 4, 2011

This was apparently before Fox News.

Bitter Ironing

| November 21, 2010

Ted Koppel on the degeneration of TV news into blowhard ‘tell them what they want to hear’ demagoguery.  It is just another outgrowth of modern entitlement.  It’s ironic that it’s printed in the Washington Post.  (Well, it’s not technically ironic, but I don’t care.  Since I shaved my head I’ve become anti-semantic).