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Whoever Does That With Hamsters?

Left 1/2 day early from work. Feeling like if I took a nap, I’d feel better tomorrow. Seems to be working. After spending about 4 hours in bed I feel almost like taking on the world, sort of. Taking on as in going to work normally.

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One Response to “Whoever Does That With Hamsters?”

  1. Harry C Pharisee says:

    500 penises shooting jizz… at marmots and igloos. Disembodied penises carrying their luggage full of sperm, looking for their life-size Ken dolls. Why they left they don’t remember anymore. Who gave them the dickheads with which to think only of freedom. Freedom from being handled roughly or put in and removed quickly from smelly caves. Now they wanted only to find the crotches they left. But until then marmots and igloos were gonna pay.