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Aggressive Couch 75: Killer Looks

Couch 75 is here!

Songs That You Like That You Don’t Want to Admit That You Like: Ron and Dave share some of their favorites – some are guilty pleasures, some ‘politically incorrect’, and some are songs that should be good but dammit, they just aren’t!

Online Concerts: Is there a point? Is this the future? Dave brings the musician’s perspective and Ron brings the comedian’s

Dead Genre: Most genres never die, they just go out of fashion for a while. But some don’t come back. Prime Time Variety TV, for instance. Why did it never come back? Plus, a deeper discussion of other dead genres

Finally, a review of Killer Looks (1994), a borderline softcore porno. 5.6 review on IMDB! See what Ron and his wife think about it. Is it an underrated gem?

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