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Enter Mark Sandman

Why is it so hot in here!?!?!?!???! I have the air conditioner set on “LOW”!

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2 Responses to “Enter Mark Sandman”

  1. Harry C Pharisee says:

    He named her after his Grandma Leroy. That took some doing because she wasn’t his hamster. So he got her owner drunk and hypnotized him with a dried, but still pliable horse cock.

    What he didn’t realize is this would cause Leroy’s owner to think he was a zoophile every time he said her name.

    “Hey Leroy, it’s time to change your water!”

    Her owner immediately thought of how long it would take him to get to the nearest farm and suck off a stallion. 20 mins, “Damn!!!” he said to himself, “Not enough time to get back for The Real Housewives of Red Lion!”

    Brussel sprouts are imaginary.

  2. Harry C Pharisee says:

    Jimmy crack corn and I dole pineapples.