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Football Fox Predictions for 2013!

| January 1, 2015

Football Fox here. And here are my fearless predictions for the season of “foots balls”. Grouse are proving tastier than robins this year, so that means the Patriots will be eliminated in the early playoffs. That stupid farmer almost caught me in that damn trap again. I interpret this to mean the Cowboys will be […]

It’s about to get sexy

| September 8, 2012

Although, the first official game of the NFL was on Wednesday night. Sunday, really marks the start. What can we look forward to this season? I will give you a rundown of things to look for and be excited for. Blatant Homo Eroticism Although, you could argue that the WWE leads this category. But, nothing […]

Bathrooms at Preseason football games still shitty

| August 26, 2012

As the start of a new football season is upon us. Many fans are finding the ” same old, same old” at stadiums. ” It looked like a shit fan was sprayed everywhere!” exclaimed Marty Witz. Outside the bathrooms at Ralph Wilson Stadium. ” We come to these games spending our hard earned money. The […]