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Aggressive Couch 69: Football Fantastic!

| September 21, 2019

It’s football season at last! This episode, Dave plays the person who does not enjoy football, while Ron tries to convince him that it is the greatest sport, ever. Well, that was the plan. Turns out Ron is really only a casual fan and Dave still doesn’t give two shits who wins the Super Bowl. […]

Aggressive Couch 37: Hold Your Cape and Your Tape

| September 27, 2010

Late to the party as ever, the Aggressive Couch gets to the bottom of Superheroes!  Well, not literally.  Movies about mutants, that’s what we’re on about.  Mutants, aliens, rich guys with lots of gadgets, we’ve got ’em all. Supercouch: what super power would you want, and what are the downsides?  What would be some […]