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Aggressive Couch 81: What In Tarnation?

| December 21, 2020

Yes, it is the obligatory 2020 CHRISTMAS Couch! This month, Dave fixed Ron’s guitar, Ron has another new cat, and Dave has a new mic (which is sooo sensitive!) We started off discussing Christmas gifts we’d like to give Trump, then our ideas for Christmas movies, and wrapped up with a movie review for Archenemy […]

Aggressive Couch Ep 8: Come and Pet the P.U.S.S.Y.

| October 3, 2009

Dave got out of rehab long enough to do another episode. This week, we cover bad words on television, why first impressions of media are often wrong, what is over-rated anyway?, how sports announcers and fans are just more NERDS – get over it already!, all cars are good quality nowadays so shut up Honda […]