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Asking Apelee: Football Sunday

Dear Apelee,

Yesterday during the football game. A friend of mine brought a roast for us to chew on. But, he fell down the steps and broke his leg. We left him there during the games. Then he was still there this morning. He kept crying and yelling for help. I dropped him off at the hospital this morning.He was very rude and didn’t say thank you. Should I invite him over again?


Dear Laroped,

What is wrong with you? Why would you take him to the hospital? With the way he was acting. He should have driven himself. I also don’t care about you. Leave me alone. Your friend is the worst person. That I don’t know. You make me sick also.

Your Friend

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"Friend to All at Uncle Savages House of Broken Videotapes". Cross-posted from Facebook via Davelink!


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