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Aggressive Couch 47: Zombies Are People, Too

Couch 47 is back for the second or third week in a row! Wowza! Doesn’t anyone ever think of the zombies?

Truth in Advertising: Some restaurant was forced to take down an awesome billboard because some stupid uptight squares complained. Should we, as people, take offense to most advertising?

Signature Song: What would be some candidates for your signature song?

Ritual de lo Habitual: Do you have any odd habits or daily rituals?

Attack of the Republicans: Republicans are just using the current budget crisis (that they caused) as an excuse to go after the things they hate, like public schooling, unions, aid for the poor, the EPA, and the campaign to stop puppy slaughter. Speaking of theme songs, theirs should be Kill the Poor by the Dead Kennedy’s.

Fetch Me My Brain Medicine: We discuss the latest cell phones with Watson.

The Difference: People get mad because a strip club may open up but are fine with a Wal-Mart opening next door to it. What really is the difference between the two? Besides the obvious.

This is kind of a short one. So why not waste 54 minutes on the Couch?

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