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Aggressive Couch 46: Toy Robot

Snowarfare has gripped the residents of York County. People are already reminiscing about that unseasonably warm spell we had last week and regretting their decision to convert the snowblower into a Sno-Cone machine. With that in mind, we present Couch 46: Toy Robot!

Rational, Man!: People are not rational. Nope, none. People we consider ‘rational’ are just better at ‘rationalizing’.

Games with Freedom: Are there too many ‘sandbox’ style games? We think the bandwagon is starting to creak and groan….

The Bell Curve: The middle of the bell curve is almost always the place to be. Stalin vs. Hitler.  ‘Nuff said.

Aggressive Couch Presents – Death!: A fun and heartwarming look.

We 86’ed the Oscars bit but kept the ‘Being Unfriended on Facebook’ bit.

What’s Up, Watson: We interview our new computery overlord, Watson.

Smurf Type Thing: Uhh, some people we know have been brought in to punch up the new Smurfs movie’s script.

Next week, we introduce our new fan organization – The Aggressive Fisting Club! If you or your children would like to become a member of that beautiful sounding organization, write to our email address or join up as a user.

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