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Aggressive Couch 77: Mayonnaise on EVERYTHING

Mmmmmm! Mayo!

This month is all about the Blues Brothers!

The Blues Brothers turns 40 this year, and since we’re also in our forties, we decided to do a full episode on it

Every professional reviewer worth their salt will have something to say about this film. What could we add? Surprisingly little, but we still managed to talk about it for a f***ing hour

We discussed how our dads are stratigraphically bonded to this film, how well it has held up, how dying young saves people from criticism, how great the music is, how terrible most of the games based on it are, and a few other things I can’t remember

We also touched on mayonnaise obsession, Ron’s new significantly better podcast (The DNR Podcast!), and… uh… something else? New hobbies? I think I cut that section

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