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Aggressive Couch 70: Halloween!

This month we take the easy route and do Halloween! Yes, next month we’re doing Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. What the f*** are we going to do next year after the holidays? In fact, what are we going to do NEXT October?

Anyway, this month, we’re all about traditions. Now that Halloween has turned into just another bs retail holiday, how do we celebrate it these days? What traditions do we do? Why do we keep talking about our family members by name as if anyone out there listening knows who Gavin is and why he lives with Ron? Or have we just given in and accepted that there’s nobody out there listening?

Highlights – our Halloween costumes (Dave forgot one – he went as a dog one year), hayrides and corn mazes, apple festivals, haunted houses, our favorite candy, the least popular candies, and the biggest Halloween topic, Gallagher

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