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Movies I Haven’t Seen 3: Christmas 2

Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny: So bad it’s good or so bad it’s bad? I usually don’t like things like this

The Ref: Norr says it’s great. Our tastes overlap a lot

Ernest Saves Christmas: I like Ernest in small doses. VERY small doses. No way am I sitting through a feature length film. Maybe if he only made a cameo in his own movie?

The Man Who Invented Christmas: Not my kind of thing. I don’t like historical fiction AT ALL

A Christmas Carol (various): I saw the one with Mickey. That one was good. I was eight at the time. Haven’t seen the others. Unless you count Scrooged

Mr. Krueger’s Christmas: It stars Jimmy Stewart, not Robert Englund. Probably good if you’re Mormon. Comedy gold if you’re an atheist

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