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Camaro pics for FRRAX

1991 Z28, 113k miles, factory 350 TPI, converted to NWC T5.

The good: Currently inspected. Starts right up. 17″ CTW (not CCW!) wheels, barely used NT05 tires, yellow Konis, adjustable torque arm, Eibach springs, 1983 Z28 plastic hood (original steel ‘power bulge’ hood included). I won a few local autocrosses in ESP and C Mod.

The bad: paint has a lot of runs, interior is rough, the clutch slips (clutch is new, flywheel needs resurfaced), gauges have a good sense of humor, and it hasn’t been driven much in the last 2 years.

Also comes with a truckload of extra parts. Original high rise spoiler, original auto trans, original springs, 15″ and 16″ cross-lace (two piece!) TA wheels, a broken T5WC trans, aluminum Corvette heads, iron 305 heads, mystery cam, carb intake, shorty headers, SFCs, and a pile of other stuff I never got around to installing (some Trans Am parts as well).

Great candidate for restore or racing. $2,000 with the parts, $1,000,000 without (I really want to clean out my garage!) Car is located in Glen Rock, PA.

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