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Aggressive Couch 42: This Will Get Done

It’s Turkey day!  Get out your fez and celebrate!

This week, PAUL STANLEY AND PAUL MCCARTNEY get the taser(c)!

The Return of Jackie and Judy Underrated and Unappreciated: The Ramones – Mondo Bizarro.  This album doesn’t suck, but it’s hardly their best.  Almost any other Ramones album is better, except for Pleasant Dreams, natch.

Exclusive Food Content: The McRib is back, and it can’t leave soon enough to please us.

They’re Back: Companies are selling edited ‘family friendly’ versions of movies.  Who is lamer, the sellers or the buyers?

The High Cost of Higher Edumacation: Why is college and university so expensive?

Cheating Shmeating: College athletes cheat on exams.  If there was any integrity left in college football then that might mean something.

Merger Eh: Why doesn’t Canada admit that it’s the 51st state.

Do I Not Want That?: What to do when you see that the thing you really wanted about 6 months ago but decided not to purchase is on sale.

Black Friday Tips 2010: It’s called Black Friday but that doesn’t mean you can go to the mall in blackface.  Unless you’re black.

So shut up and shove food into ye olde piehole.

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