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Hump Albert and the Tijuana Ass

I’ve been playing Goat Simulator: Waste of Space. Surprisingly, I haven’t been cheating.

I think one of the reasons I’m not such a gamer anymore is one thing: lack of a real Game Genie.

Game Genie was the savior for me. Having ADD, I really don’t like having to focus while playing a game. I like them to be insanely easy. Too easy is just right. I mean, I want a little challenge, but I’m lying. I want no challenge!

Real life is difficult and makes me feel powerless. Ok, I accept that. I am powerless. But video games allow me to feel powerful in a non-destructive way. Destroying a virtual town is not the same as doing it in real lifer. Just ask Pol Pot.

So, back to Goat Simulator: I am surprised that I haven’t even really wanted to cheat yet. I guess it’s because I’m still finding new stuff and being surprised. As soon as it gets boring, out come the cheats!

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