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That’s What Dreams Are Potaters

I rarely dream when I nap. Often, I don’t even fall asleep, I just lay back and relax for an hour or so.

Today was different. Today, I dreamed during nap time! And you’re gonna have to read about it.

We were at my aunt Bessie’s out Wayne, WV. I say we, although I’m not quite sure who I was there with. At first, I was there with my sister, but then I was there with my girlfriend. Anyway, I had my notebook with me, and I had just set up my desktop in Bessie’s living room.

Anyway, both computers had viruses. They manifested themselves when I tried to play Wow.

1) Bessie moved from Wayne in 1999, and died in 2001

2) My girlfriend has never been to WV

3) Why would I bring both my notebook and desktop with me?

4) I haven’t played Wow since 2009

At some point, my aunt Donna showed up. She was upset we hadn’t called when we arrived. I blamed C. Turtle, the stuffed sea turtle.

That part seemed normal.

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