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Aggressive Couch # 39: Impossible Yet Vegetable

This is the big Halloween episode!  The one day a year we can openly practice Satanism.  In fact, one of our segments was about Halloween this week.  What a shock!

Halloweenies: What are we giving out for Halloween?

The Running Mate: There’s been talk of putting Hillary on the ticket in place of Biden.  Who would we pick to be his running mate instead?

Pitching and Catching in the NFL: Why doesn’t the NFL come out of the closet and admit that it’s bisexual?

Some Guys Never Learn: Brett Farve was caught texting pictures of his mighty peanuts to some chick.  Sounds like he might not be bi.

Home Heating Tips: We provide useful and thoughtful tips for keeping cool warm this winter.

Embessaring Photos: We discuss embarrassing pictures from times past.

Polistinks: Republicans and Democrats are basically all the same.  And the Tea Baggers.  Once again, we find ourselves voting for the party we dislike the least.  (Hint: the man in charge of their party is black).

So join us!  Listen in!  Do our jail time!  Punch yourself really hard in the face and rub it on the mirror!

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