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Cartoons with Big Tits

Sorry for not posting yesterday. THE SIMS. ‘Nuff said.

Anyway, CGR Undertow got me thinking about who are the hottest cartoon chicks. Like, if you were a cartoon, which cartoon characters would you lust after?

I don’t have a top ten list, but I gotta tell ya, it wouldn’t have any of the hyper-sexualized female cartoons on it. No Jessica Rabbit, no Holli Wood, no E-Surance woman. Nope, no way. And the classic Disney women are right out – Minnie and Daisy are both too frumpy. Probably conservatives. And Warner Brothers was just a big gay orgy. Wait. There was Petunia Pig. Bisexual orgy.

I’d probably go for somebody attainable, like Velma. I admit that this is sort of like asking Santa for new socks and sensible shoes. Or taking a dream vacation to Wolverhampton. But let’s face it, nobody normal ever hits on her, and I bet she has a repressed sexual appetite the size of a DeSoto.

Or maybe I’d go for Gadget, the MILF. Mouse I’d Like to Fuck.

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