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Love Goes Where My Rose-Marie Grows

I was watching an infomercial with Donny Osmond (who was looking quite good IMHO (in other words, not like Donny Osmond)) earlier this week (believe it or not, I do not smoke pot (no, really!)) for the best pop music of the seventies from Time/Life music (at least it wasn’t K-TEL). I was amazed that almost all of the songs were featured on a skit on some half-forgotten HBO comedy special. The skit was called Jukebox From Hell! (And there was also Son of Jukebox From Hell! The show also had Michael Palin, and the guy who made the mosquito noises, and a Spanish Dancer falling off a cliff.)

…. and I can’t find it on You Tube! But I did find Furniture to Go.

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