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Aggressive Couch 27: Why can’t people just be crazy anymore?

We’ve decided to open this podcast with a political statement – if bombs were made illegal, then only plumbers would have pipes!

We had a special guest this week who refused to speak into the microphone, forcing somebody else to spend about an hour and a half manually selecting everything she said and manually adjusting the volume.  We do it… for love.

First, there is the issue of what you do and do not like in games.  Sure – penetration is at the top of anyone’s list, but we felt it would be too immature to say such things.

All is porn on the phone front – Has a child ever accidentally ‘stumbled’ onto porn online?  My ass.  Well, maybe once or twice.  But we don’t need some lame ass goody-two shoes like the Parent TV Council and Steve ‘Han’ Jobs lecturing us about the evils of the sex drive of a generation.

Beauty Pageants, Celebrity Culture, Celebrities apologizing for affairs,  papparazzi, Thundercats – this all kind of blurred together.

Six Serious Health Risks for People with Desk Jobs – it’s not the act of pissing in the wastebasket so much as it is knocking it over afterwards.

‘Unwritten Rules’.  If there is a sports rule such as ‘don’t walk across the pitcher’s mound’, then it should be written.    Or not.  None of this ‘unwritten rule’ garbage.  Just say it’s poor etiquette!

Memes are dead.  Also, Kiddie Kulture is staying relevant longer.  Norr’s kids play with Ninja Turtles, but we never played with… whatever toys our parents had when they were kids.  Balls of tar and hornet’s nests, I guess.

Also, we introduce some obscure songs.  I had to cut the Rice Krispies theme.  But Spot 1019 and Batman made it.

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